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about resource reviews

Resources Reviews are submitted by Electricka's visitors or by ETAF Staff. Electricka selects an arts-related resource for treatment in a Review if it has sufficient merit to justify special treatment and if it has a depth, scope, or importance that warrants more than a brief description.

An arts-related resource can be an:

  • Institution.
  • Person
  • Reference work.
  • Historic performance or important work.
  • Sound, film, or video recording.
  • Facility such as a museum, performance hall, or theater.

Each Resource Review is a profile of a single arts-related resource. The information it contains depends on the nature of the resource. A given Resource Review may any or all of the following kinds of information:

  • The name of the resource.
  • An explanation of the kind of information, activity, institution, or person treated.
  • An evaluation of the resource as a source of arts information.
  • The history of the resource or sponsoring organization, if any.
  • Lists of key figures and their backgrounds or biographies.
  • Awards given or received.
  • Products or services produced.
  • Bibliographies.
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