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A Stradivari ViolinJigsaw Puzzle

—Contributed by ETAF Staff

Solve this Stradivarius violin jigsaw puzzle

This puzzle depicting an incredibly beautiful Stradivarius violin is brought to you by The Muse Of Music in cooperation with Electricka. If only she could sound it for you!

About This puzzle

The images you see are the front and back of The Marquis Doria violin made by Antonio Stradivari in Cremona, Italy, in 1685.

Electricka has decided to take pity on you. The 49 pieces of this puzzle don't rotate and they don't need to rotate; they're already lined up horizontally. All you have to do is flip the upside-down pieces until they're all right-side-up and interlock them. Easy, right?—Not! Hold on—this may take a while.

Not a piece of cake but the violin is a thing of beauty and well worth the effort.


There's a different picture on each side of this puzzle. Before you start locking pieces together, turn the pieces over so that the common side faces up.

The picture on the back is a representation of Helicon, which Electricka calls Muse Mountain, where the ancient Greek Muses live.

  • See what Muse Mountain looks like; visit Electricka's page called Introducing Electricka: click here.
  • You'll also find a picture of Muse Mountain at the page called What's A Muse? click here.

Each time you refresh this page the puzzle pieces jumble into a new arrangement. Solve it again and again.

Want twice as much fun? Turn all the pieces over so that only the sides opposite Electricka show and solve the puzzle for the picture on the rear.

when you're finished

Look for more quizzes and puzzles at Electricka's page called Games And Other Diversions: click here.

Or, you may want to visit The Muse Of Music's page called The World Of Musical Instruments. From there you can visit features on subjects related to specific instruments such as this fabulous violin: click here.

Have fun!



Good news! This puzzle's pieces don't need rotation. It's hard enough without having to do that. Just drag them to where they match and they'll automatically interlock.

To turn over piece, hold key "T" and click left mouse button. Or turn blue button on and click piece.

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