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instructions for working Arts Puzzles

How to Pick a puzzle to play

Scan down the list of puzzles, above. Each row describes a puzzle. Use the information in the row to get an idea of what the puzzle is about and whether it's one you want to solve.

Here's what the information in a row tells you:

  • The name and comments give you an idea of the puzzle's subject, theme, size, challenge, and what you have to do to solve it.
  • The type tells you the puzzle's design or structure.
  • Choose a puzzle with the Type, Difficulty, and Description that's right for you.


How to Play the puzzle you pick

Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled puzzles. How did he play them once he picked them?

  • To play the puzzle you picked to play, click its name. A page containing the puzzle will open.
  • There you will find specific directions for working the puzzle.
  • Work the puzzle until you are finished or want to quit.
  • Each puzzle provides answers.

puzzle-solving tools

  • Want to look up a reference to a Latin expression? Visit the page called About Latinisms & Other Latin Resources: click here.

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