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Electricka's goal is to bring the arts to you and you to the arts, wherever you may be situated in the world. She wants to help you and the arts to flourish on the Internet.

On this page, Electricka lists just a few of the things you can do help Electricka achieve her goal. Do any of these things and you will play an active role in the arts.

  • See Electricka's vision for computers, the Internet, and the arts: click here.



About this feature

Electricka calls this feature Join Us.

Join Us is a collection of features at Electricka's web site that invite you to take part in what they do or say; it's Electricka's way of encouraging you to make an active contribution to this web site that will help the arts.

Join Us features are summarized on this page:

  • Click the name of a Join Us feature on the list below to see a summary of that feature.
  • Once you're at a feature summary, click to visit the Join Us feature and see details.

One: improve features

Electricka wants her features to be the very best they can be. She believes that every improvement to her web site is a worthwhile step toward bringing you and the arts closer together. To further this end, she asks that you donate ideas that will help her improve existing features and add new ones.

  • Help Electricka improve and add features. Visit the Improving And Adding Features page: click here.

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Two: Make a monetary donation. help Electricka build a new web site!

Electricka and her cohort muses have been offering service without interruption since the year 2000, but technology changes fast in this age of mobile phones, high speed downloads, and streaming video, and it's time for an upgrade to our service.

We've tried to keep up on our own, but high quality web sites like this one are expensive to build and maintain, and money for the arts is scarce. That's why I'm asking for your donation. Make a donation to help us build the new web site our visitors like you deserve.

Click the ETAF Logo Below To Make A Donation Now

click here to donate

  • or click the word Donate in the To Do list at the right side of this page.

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Three: Use ETAF When You Shop at Amazon

ETAF has established an affiliation with Amazon, the giant online retailer. This affiliation returns to ETAF a small amount of the purchase price of every item you buy from them if you buy it through us.

  • Buy any item Amazon sells. Click the words Visit The ETAF-Amazon Page in the Association image at the right side of this page or any page where this image appears.
  • Learn more about the ETAF-Amazon Association at the ETAF-Amazon Collection page: click here.

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Four: Buy an electricka theme product

Wouldn't it be great to own a really special mug, stein, T-shirt, poster, handbag, clock, writing paper, books, poster, CD, or any one of dozens of other kinds of products that you or anyone in your family can wear or use around the house, at school, or on vacation?

What makes these items so special?

Many bear images and words taken from Electricka's themespictures of Electricka, her muses and other markings you've come to know from your visits to her web site. They remind you of Electricka, her muses, and the many fine arts experiences you've had at her web site.

You can also purchase these items without markings or you can customize an item with a theme of your own—add your name, the name of your business, school, or club; include slogans, and sayings you believe in and want to broadcast, personal photographs, designs, and pictures.

Every item makes a great gift for you, your family and friends, one that you can be proud of.

ETAF has arranged with Cafepress, a leading supplier to the public of theme products and goods, to stock and sell these items to Electricka's visitors. They handle the entire sale, from ordering to shipping to customer service. Best of all, ETAF receives a portion of the proceeds from the sale of each item.

  • Buy an Electricka Theme Product. Visit the Electricka Theme Product page: click here.

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Five: Buy an ETAF software Product

ETAF has developed a number of different kinds of software products designed to entertain, broaden your exposure to the arts, sharpen your arts-related skills, deepen or expand your artistic knowledge, or help you with your writing. Many of these products are based on the kinds of experiences you may have had while visiting pages of this web site. These products are designed to:

  • Manage databases.
  • Help you write better
  • Help you get more from your reading with a unique series of eBooks called HY! Help Yourself eBooks©.

You can obtain any of these software products online by immediate downloading to your computer, e-book reader, or other automated device. Every purchase you make strengthens ETAF and contributes directly to its ability to expand its mission.

  • Buy an Electricka software product. Visit the Software Products page: click here.

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Six: use Clarity Services to fill your documentation and publication needs

Are you writing or publishing a traditional paper or electronic document for private or public distribution? Try Clarity Services the next time you have something to say in writing.

  • Obtain more information and a quote: click here.

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Seven: Buy a Collectorz database management program

Collectorz databases are a user-friendly family of programs for your personal computer that allow you to catalog your collections of books, movies, music, comics, MP3 files, photos, and electronic games. Some databases are available as CLZ apps for your iPhone and iPod Touch.

Electricka's staff use these programs to manage her web site as well as to manage media that are not arts-related. She has chosen to bring them to your attention because she believes that many of her visitors are in a position to enjoy the same kinds of benefits they do.

ETAF has established an affiliation with the firm that manufactures these products. This affiliation returns to ETAF a small amount of the purchase price of every item you buy from them if you buy it through us.

  • Learn more about these excellent programs and how they can help you: click here.

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Eight: contribute Arts information

Contribute information about the arts that Electricka can publish in one of her An Arts Information features.

An Arts Information feature is a feature at Electricka's web site that presents information about reference works, off-site links, lists of your favorite works of art, notifications of the artistic achievements of others, and many other arts-related topics of an informational nature.

When you contribute information to one of Electricka's Arts Information features, you help keep Electricka's web site fresh, accurate, and up-to-date.

Knowledge is power. Share what you know. Your information contribution about these arts information subjects will:

  • Help increase the artistic understanding and awareness of other visitors.
  • Will contribute to visitor knowledge and appreciation of the arts.
  • Broaden vistas, awaken to new possibilities, raise sensitivity, and make for better-informed visitors.
  • Help artists and others working in the arts by alerting Electricka's visitors to their work and accomplishments.

When donating arts information, you will earn and receive credit for helping to improve the arts.

  • Learn more about how to donate information. Make an information contribution. Visit the Arts Information features page: click here.

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Nine: Contribute a ByLine Piece

Publish your original, artistic and creative content for other visitors to see. Be an artist. Bask in the distinction of seeing your aesthetic piece published at Electricka's web site:

  • Write a brief original essay, poem, prose fiction or non-fiction creative piece, or submit one of many other kinds of original artistic works.
  • Receive credit.
  • Put your creative juices to work; satisfy your creative urges.
  • Let others know how you feel, what you think about some aspect of the arts.

Electricka calls this type of visitor contribution a ByLine Piece.

See your original work published at Electricka's web site and receive a ByLine credit. Submit a ByLine Piece.

  • Learn more about ByLine features at Electricka's page called About ByLine Features: click here.

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Ten: Name a Muse

At the feature called Name That Muse, Electricka asks you to give her your ideas for muse names she can give to her cohort muses. She also asks you to vote for muse names contributed by visitors—those you like best.

Why contribute your ideas for muse names? Names are important. Remember when Jim Croce sang I Got A Name? Adam named all the animals so he could tell them apart and so they'd come when called. Writers anguish over the names of their characters until their names say what they mean. Public figures and movie stars change their names to reflect their persona.

By helping Electricka give names to her muses, you will help her give each of them a unique  personality, a facea voice of its own, as the expression goes—so that visitors will get to know and care about each cohort muse as though he or she were a friend, ally, and guide. These names will have a lasting impact on this web site.

  • Help Electricka name her cohort muses. Visit the feature called Name That Muse: click here.

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Eleven: Use the Join Us menu at the top of most pages

You can visit any Join Us feature by clicking the words Join Us in the menu you'll find at the top of most pages, including this one.

For example, clicking the Tops & Flops feature on the Join Us menu at the top of this page takes you to the Tops & Flops page. There, you see lists of the best and worst artistic creations and creators. Visitors who go to this feature are seeking valuable information about the arts that's organized in the form of lists.

At the Tops & Flops feature, you'll see how to submit lists of your own for publication in the feature. Contributing a Tops & Flops list of your own is just one of many ways you can help the arts by personally participating in Electricka's web site.

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Twelve: Publish your expository prose work or essay

The feature called Welcome To Publish Your Essay is the place at Electricka's web site where you can read expository prose works written by visitors and where you can publish your own expository prose works.

All sorts of compositions and writing styles are held in the collection, including essays, dissertations, newspaper & magazine articles, reports, journal articles & papers, editorials, travelogues, stories, white papers, biographies, historical accounts, user manuals, diaries, and many, many more.

  • Publish an original expository composition of your own creation for the world to see; help yourself, other visitors who will read it, and Electricka at the same time. To see how, visit the feature called Welcome To Publish Your Essay: click here.

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Lucky Thirteen: Publish your poetry

The feature called Welcome To The Poetry Corner is the place at Electricka's web site where you can read poems written by visitors and where you can publish your own poetic compositions.

  • Publish a poem of your own creation for the world to see; help yourself, other visitors who will read it, and Electricka at the same time. To see how, visit the feature called Welcome To The Poetry Corner: click here.

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take electricka's tour

Electricka invites you to look around her web site. If you haven't yet taken Electricka's Tour, now's a good time to do so. You'll discover how much you and Electricka have in common and why you should help.


thanks for your help!

When you help Electricka achieve her objectives, you're helping the arts. Learn about Electricka's mission, how you fit in, and why you should think about helping:

Whether or not you decide to help... whatever way you decide to help... you're always welcome at this web site.

Come back again and again! Electricka and ETAF thank you!




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