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Great Fine Arts Galleries & Museums Of The World

About museums and muses

The main function of most museums is to safeguard and display the world's treasures of Fine Arts. Electricka and her muses know that and have followed suit.

In a manner of speaking, Great Art Galleries And Museums Of The World is the place at Electricka's web site where The Muse Of Fine Arts stores fine arts "stuff." It is a place devoted and dedicated to:

  • The acquisition, display, conservation, study, exhibition, and educational interpretation of objects having scientific, historical, or artistic value.
  • The preservation of the fine arts and cultural treasures of mankind.

Mankind's first museum was the scholarly institute founded in Alexandria about 280 BCE. Thus, the museum run by The Muse of Fine Arts is only one in a long line of such honorable institutions, one that belongs to a venerable race.

Museums, galleries, and muses are intimately related.

  • Examine the relation between museums, galleries, and muses. Visit The Muse Of Mythology's page called About Muses And Museums: click here.

The museum of The Muse Of Fine Arts brings the idea of a museum up to date. It is the electronic, 21st century counterpart of the Alexandria institution. Despite the differences in media, the two museums shake hands across an unbroken span of 2,300 years. The idea and reality of the fine arts museum will be around as long as mankind cherishes the fine arts enough to value their preservation. And that will be a long, long time.

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