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What the catalog index is good for

A few of the things you can accomplish with the aid of the Composer Catalog's table:

—catalogs and catalogers

  • Learn the names of classical music composers or catalogers.
  • Learn the names of composers, the names of particular pieces of music written by composers, and the standard or conventional catalog symbols which denote the catalog in which the composers' music is cited. Using this information, you can obtain a copy of the catalog for a composer.
  • Look up a cataloger by name to see the name or names of the catalogs he has created and the names of composers whose works he has cataloged.
  • Look up a composer by name to identify the catalog or catalogs that contain citations of that composer's works. Using this information, you can: 1) obtain printed copies of catalogs for that composer, and 2) access those copies to see descriptions of the full range of that composer's works and other information about them.
  • Some catalogs cited in the index take the form of a printed book or other document; other catalogs take the form of an online index stored at a web site. If a catalog cited in the Composer Catalogs index is available online, the Composer Catalogs index may provide a link to the catalog. Click the link and a page that contains the online catalog at another web site will open.

—classical music in general

  • Learn the names of classical music composers.
  • Follow links from the index to other web sites with gobs of information about cited composers, their music, their lives, or their diskographies, about other composers, and about classical music generally. Follow links from these web sites to other, similar web sites.
  • Learn the names of composers and the names of particular pieces of music written by composers. Using this information, access the music you want to hear or learn more about.
  • Find diskographies; discover music you want to hear or buy.


the Composer catalogs index is not just about catalogs and catalogers

Use the index to find the names of hundreds of composers.

Besides lists of works by a cited composer, most of the web sites in the index offer other information about the cited composer, diskographies, links to other web sites, information about other composers and catalogers, and about classical music in general.




about "standard" catalogs

Occasional remarks in the Comments section to the effect that a cited catalog is "the standard catalog for this composer" are not meant to imply that there is one and only one accepted catalog for the cited composer. Such references mean that the cited catalog is the one usually quoted in album notes or by popular sources such as radio or television broadcasters.



the composer catalogs index is not a composer catalog

The Composer Catalogs table does not contain information about composers' works. If you want to see information about a composer's works, use the Composer Catalogs index to identify a catalog or online works listing for your composer; then consult the catalog or listing.


Some of the web sites cited in the index offer products or services for sale. The Muse includes such web sites in the index only if they also offer worthwhile information about catalogs, composers, and music.

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