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tools for finding the right features Faster

Here's a rundown on the navigation tools Electricka provides you for locating features and other information at her web site. Use this information to decide which search tools you want to use to find the features you most want to see. You may decide to use different tools for different kinds of searches.

Once you decide on the right tool for the search at hand, reach your tool by clicking at this page.

If you take this approach, you're likely to find the features and other information you want faster and easier than you thought possible. You're more likely to get answers to your questions and you're less likely to miss seeing the features you want.

Need help picking out a search tool?

electricka's navigation Tools


Jump to any box below on this page: click an item on this list:



  • Top Menu
    • The Top Menu is a site-wide menu located at the top of most of Electricka's pages.
    • The Top Menu item called Features contains links to many of the major features at Electricka's web site.
    • The Top Menu menu item called Find Fast contains links to pages that help you find features fast.
  • Muse Menus
    • Electricka's web site is divided into groups of pages, one group for Electricka and one group for each of her cohort muses.
    • Each page in a muse's group of pages contains a picture of the muse it belongs to. That's the way you know which muse you are visiting.
    • Let your cursor hover over a muse picture and a menu will appear with links to many of that muse's major features.
  • right column menus
    • Look for menus in menu boxes marked To Do, Related Pages, or See Also on the right side of feature pages.

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Internet search engines and electricka's search tool

  • web-based search engines

    Electricka is listed with Google, Yahoo! Search, AOL Search, Ask.com, Lycos, Live Search, and most other popular web-based search engines. Use them to find pages at Electricka's web site that match your interests.

    Search engines can be persnickety. Sometimes a search produces so many links to web sites, it's hard to find the ones for Electricka among them. Some search engines don't index all of Electricka's pages. These kinds of problems are meliorated by making Electricka one of the keywords in your search.

    • To make Electricka one of the keywords in your search, add the word Electricka to the other keywords you type into your search engine's SEARCH box.

    Adding the keyword Electricka tends to move the results of your search onto or nearer the first page of your search results. This trick doesn't always work, but it helps. (It doesn't matter whether you capitalize or italicize the word Electricka, but it helps to spell it correctly.)

  • electricka's search tool

    You're more likely to find what you're looking for at Electricka's web site if you search with Electricka's Search Tool instead of with a web-based search engine.

    Electricka's Search Tool is a simple, feature-rich, keyword-based search tool powered by Electricka. Using it is a lot like using a web-based search engine, but with options you can't find anywhere else.

  • Both

    If you can't find what you want with Electricka's Search Tool, try searching with Internet search engines, and vice versa.

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Indexes and tables of contents


Pages that list features

  • List of features at electricka's web site

    The page called List Of Features At Electricka's Web Site contains brief descriptions of most of the major features at Electricka's web site and links to the features. Use it to decide which features you want to visit. Once you decide, use it to open the feature pages you want to see.

    • Visit the List Of Features At Electricka's Web site now: click here.

For more information about the List, visit the page called About the List Of Features At This Web Site.

  • Visit the page called About the List Of Features At This Web Site now: click here.
  • automated tables

    Automated Tables allow you to use keywords to automatically search for and explore concisely-described arts-related subject matter stored in Electricka's databases. Based on what you find, you can link from table entries directly to other pages at Electricka's web site or to other web sites, if appropriate. Look up music or literary terms, explore the history of recording in event-by-event format, find names and dates of artists and arts movements, check on current and past Academy Awards winners, and much, more.

    • Visit the page called Automated Tables for a list of tables and links: click here.

  • What's new at Electricka's web site

    The page called What's New At Electricka's Web Site contains brief descriptions of some of the major features that have recently been added to Electricka's web site.

    •  Visit the page called List Of Features At This Web Site: click here.
  • Links On feature pages.
    • Most feature pages contain links in their bodies. Look for them as you read.

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iconic features

  • iconic features

Iconic features are features that affect numerous other features. They are called iconic because an icon that represents them is displayed on the features they affect. The icons carry links to Electricka's pages or off-site links, as appropriate. For information about iconic features, click below.

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electricka's navigation Guide

  • See Electricka's Guide To Navigation for detailed descriptions of navigation aids: click here.

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