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what is the List of features?

The List Of Features At Electricka's Web Site is an automated table-of-contents in table form that contains links to many of the major features at Electricka's web site. It's a good way to spot features you want to explore further and visit them.

Why use this list? there are so many features to choose from at Electricka's web site, it's not always easy to find just the ones you want to see. And the list is growing all the time. The List Of Features At This Web Site makes spotting features you want to see and visiting them as easy as 1-2-3.

list contents

Each entry (each row) in the List contains this information in the columns:

  1. The name of the muse responsible for the feature.
  2. The name of a feature at Electricka's web site.
  3. A link to the page where the feature is located. (Click the link and the feature will open.)
  4. A brief description of the feature.
  5. A link to a guideline, if any. (If a feature has a guideline, it will appear in green text in the description column. Click the link and the guideline will open.)


about guidelines

Some of Electricka's features contain forms that a visitor can use to send in an item for publication at Electricka's web site. A visitor uses such forms to enter the information that will be published.

An item intended for publication might be a poem, an essay, a write-up of the biography of an arts personality, a portmanteau word, or the like.

Each feature of this type is associated with a guideline. The guideline explains how to prepare and submit the item for publication.

Features that have a guideline are: 1) all Byline features, 2) all Arts Information features, and 3) certain features that have their own submission forms.

If a feature has a guideline, look for it in the feature's description field. It will appear there in green.

how to find the list

You can access the List Of Features At Electricka's Web Site in numerous ways. Here's how to navigate:

  • Select Features on the menu at the top of most pages. Then, select About Features or -more features- in the menus that drop down and fly out.
  • Select Find Fast on the menu at the top of most pages and then select the List of Features.
  • Look for the Today's Special Feature box at the top and right of most pages. Then select -more features-.
  • Select Electricka's Features on Electricka's menu and then select List of Features.
  • Select the List Of Features on all Muse Index Menus and on all Tables Of Contents (TOCs).
  • Hover over any Muse Menu (at the top-left corner of most pages) to cause the Muse Menu to drop down. Then select Finding Features Fast. On the Finding Features Fast page, select the List Of Features At This Web Site. (You can also reach the Find Features Fast page by selecting Find Fast on the menu at the top of most pages and then by selecting Tools For Finding Features Fast on the menu that drops down.)

how To use the list

The List Of Features can be searched automatically using keywords. The List is also sortable and printable. It offers these and other automatic features that make it easy and quick to decide which features you want to see and to visit them.

Here's how to make spotting and visiting features that are relevant to your interests as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Visit the List Of Features At Electricka's Web Site by clicking in the boxes directly above on this page or by clicking the name of Electricka's Feature List on:
    • Menus like the one at the top of this page.
    • Muse menus, such as the Electricka muse menu you find by letting your cursor hover over Electricka's picture in the upper-left corner of this page.
    • Additional menus and links you'll find on other pages.
  2. Search the List manually or automatically, looking for features relevant to your interests:
    • For manual searching, visually scan the feature names and descriptions on the list, looking for features you want to visit.
    • For automated searching, use the List's automatic features to perform keyword searching, sorting, and other processing until you have reduced the list to just the features that are relevant to your interests.
  3. Click the word Open next to the name of each feature you want to visit and the page that contains the feature will open.

Other ways to find features

Electricka offers many other ways to identify and visit features at her web site that you want to explore. To learn more about locating and finding features and other kinds of information you may want to have, investigate the links in the Related Pages and See Also boxes at the upper-right corner of this page.




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