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I am Electricka, Muse Of the Worldwide Web©. Here, I explain the significance of what it means to be one of my breed—a muse. I expound my vision and explain why my vision is a modern-day museum.

the shrine of the Muses

To me, a museum is a shrine. It's a visionary thing. It's my vision. Why?

In the modern world a museum is a building, place, or institution devoted to the acquisition, conservation, study, exhibition, and educational interpretation of objects having scientific, historical, or artistic value. It is a place dedicated to the preservation of the artistic and cultural treasures of mankind.

The ancients had a similar view of the nature of a museum. In fact, the notion of a museum was invented in Ancient Greece, where it was defined as a building or place where works of art, scientific specimens, or other objects of permanent value are kept and displayed. The Greek word for museum, mouseîon, which is the origin of the modern word for museum, derives directly from the very first museum on earth, the scholarly institute founded in Alexandria about 280 BCE.

So, why is my vision a museum? Literally translated, the Greek word for museum, Mouseion, means shrine of the Muses; it is derived from mousa, meaning muse. Thus, to the Greeks a museum is a place sacred to The Muses, a building devoted to learning and the arts. Our modern word for museum is derived directly from ancient Latin, who got their word from the Greeks; the ancient Romans usually followed the Greeks when it came to culture and the arts.

Moreover, in ancient Greece a place that was devoted to learning was a sacred place, a place where muses reside. Therefore, in ancient Greece, any place devoted to learning and the arts was called a museum—a muse place!

Now you see why museumsall museumsare places sacred to me and the muses. When you visit a museum, you enter a holy place, one sacred to the gods!

How fitting this is for me and my cohorts! Why? Just consider the nature of my sisters, the ancient muses. Who were they? Each muse was one of the nine daughters of Mnemosyne and Zeus and therefore a goddess. That meant that each muse was sacred.

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In fact, the ancients so revered learningthe sciences and the artsthey felt that each science and art itself was sacred. Since the Greeks believed that the muses, sciences, and arts were all sacred, it was quite natural that they apotheosized the sciences and arts by appointing a different muse to preside over each of them.

About Museums in the modern world

Just think about this for a moment: Just as in the past, museums all over the world today are places where The Muses reside, places where goddesses live. Every time you step into a museum you are entering a scared space!

By metaphor, this is as true for virtual spaces as for physical ones made of steel and concrete. That's why these pages of my web are especially near and dear to my heart and to those of my modern cohorts.

In their own way, the pages of my web site are as much my museum as was the first academy of learning, the Library of Alexandria. They fulfill my vision of a future golden age when computers and the Internet are fully at the service of the arts, a time when art and technology meet, match, and marry. In these, the pages of my web site, my modern and ancient sisters offer a place for the acquisition, conservation, study, exhibition, preservation, and educational interpretation of the artistic and cultural treasures of mankind. And in this, we are not alone. Many other web sites on the Internet share this undertaking.

Great Galleries & Museums of the modern world

The Muse Of Fine Arts invites you to explore galleries, museums, and their holdings as they exist and operate today at the feature called Great Galleries And Museums Of The World. This is the place at Electricka's web site where you can clock into, examine, and explore works of Fine Arts and other objects exhibited and safeguarded by actual and virtual museums. At this feature you can also explore topics related to museums and galleries such as museum profiles, art conservation, patronage, and the like.

Explore the brilliant art on display at the great real and virtual galleries and museums of the modern world. There's never an entrance fee.

  • Visit The Muse Of Fine Arts invites you to visit the feature called Great Galleries And Museums Of The World: click here.

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