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Welcome to the World of Musical Instruments

Here The Muse Of Music explores the instruments that produce the sounds that we hear, love, or hate.


explore the world of musical instruments

Take a moment to glance at the right side of this page, where the violin is sawing away out of synch with the metronome. Does the mere thought of what this might sound like grate on your nerves? Are you thankful you can't hear it? If so, perhaps you need more harmony in your life.

One way to get more of this good stuff is to explore The World Of Musical Instruments:

  • Visit the feature called Instrument Of The Week: click here.
  • If you're inclined to jigsaw puzzles, try working this one brought to you by The Muse Of Music. It's a picture of an incredibly beautiful Stradivarius violin, the front and back of The Marquis Doria violin made by Antonio Stradivari in Cremona, Italy, in 1685: click here.

the musical Instrument lineup

In The Muse Of Music's feature called the Musical Instrument Lineup, The Muse explores devices for making music fashioned by the hand of man and played by who knows what means or methods.

  • Visit the feature called the Musical Instrument Lineup: click here.

Musical instrument of the week

Each week The Muse Of Music briefly examines a different musical instrument at the page called Instrument Of The Week. Some instruments are commonplace, others rare or unusual. An image of the instrument and a sample of the sound it produces is provided when available.

  • Visit the feature called Instrument Of The Week: click here.

About the glossary of musical terms

The Muse Of Music offers an extensive automated glossary of musical terms, many of which pertain to musical instruments. With the help of the Glossary you'll be able to tell the difference between a French horn and an English horn; possibly you'll discover lots of other things you might like to know about instruments and how they fit into the musical repertoire.

Solve this Stradivarius violin jigsaw puzzle

Solve a puzzle depicting an incredibly beautiful Stradivarius violin is brought to you by The Muse Of Music in cooperation with Electricka. If only she could sound it for you! It's The Marquis Doria violin made by Antonio Stradivari in Cremona, Italy, in 1685.

ETAF Recommends

There's almost no end to what has been written about musical instruments. Still, some sources are better for some purposes. In this selection, we've tried to provide as much scope as possible. The works numbered here are largely overviews about instruments. Look at other Muse Of Music pages for more specific and detailed sources.



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