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Princess Parizade Bringing Home the Singing Tree, by Maxfield Parrish. From The Arabian Nights, 1906.

Welcome to the World of Speculative Fiction literature

The Muse Of Literature welcomes you to the World Of Speculative Fiction, the amazing, sometimes shocking, awe inspiring world of science fiction, fantasy, and related fictional genres.


About Speculative fiction

What is Speculative Fiction? It’s a literary genre that includes fantasy, science fiction, horror fiction, and occult fiction.

The genre of speculative fiction began with the works of such authors as E.T.A. Hoffmann in the 18th and 19th centuries and Edgar Allen Poe in the 19th century. The bulk of speculative fiction has been generated in and since the twentieth century. However, mankind's active imagination has been rampant since the dawn of his species; depending on one's definition of fantasy, his penchant for fantasy has shown up in many art forms since as far back as the arts began.

Fantasy Fiction is work that deals with the unreal, with subjects that only exist in the imagination, with magic and the supernatural, with gods and demons, or with fairies and unicorns. Fantasy has been around since people started telling stories, but from the Victorian era until recently much fantasy was relegated to the nursery and thought to be suitable only for children.

Traditional bug eyed monster on the cover of an issue of Amazing Stories, classic science fiction magazine of the 1940s

Horror and Occult genres are subgenres of Fantasy.

Science fiction, which is much more recent than fantasy, is work that deals with the possibilities of life as enhanced or worsened by the possible future discoveries or inventions of science. Science Fiction was looked at with disdain for much of the early twentieth century, and most people mistakenly believed that it was read only by adolescent boys with a yen for adventure. Actually it's readership was far wider.

Alternate History and Space Opera are subgenres of Science Fiction.

Today, both Fantasy and Science Fiction have gained respectability; they are popular among readers of both sexes and all ages.

Bela Lugosi dressed up in his Dracula costume


prizes for speculative fiction

The Muse Of Literature invites you to explore three organizations that grant prizes for Speculative Fiction writing. At the pages that describe these organizations, you will find references to authors working in the field of Speculative Fiction who are affiliated with the organization or who have been granted prizes by it as well as citations of their works. These organizations are:

  • The Mystery Writers of America (the Edgar® awards for mystery fiction literature ): click here.
  • The World Science Fiction Societysm (the Hugo Awards for science fiction literature): click here.
  • The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (Nebula Awards® are made  for the best single work of science fiction): click here.
Depiction of the monster Cthulhu, high priest to the Great Old Ones, a fictional cosmic entity by horror author H. P. Lovecraft


electricka's Speculative Fiction Blog

The Muse of Literature is pleased to offer a blog about the Speculative Fiction genre. The blog explores Fantasy Fiction and Science Fiction and their subgenres, both of which are subgenres of Speculative Fiction.

The Muse Of Literature's Speculative Fiction blog explores the fantasy genre and the science fiction genre. It covers the literature itself—the stories, books, and authorsit even covers the fans and the many conventions that demonstrate the popularity of these genres in today’s world.

  • Visit The Muse Of Literature's Speculative Fiction blog now: click here.

About Electricka's Blogs

The Speculative Fiction blog is only one of the blogs at Electricka's web site. The Muse suggests that you see an overview of all of them, including Speculative Fiction, before you visit the Speculative Fiction blog.

  • Orient yourself to all of Electricka's blogs at the page called About Electricka's Blogs. Then visit The Muse Of Literature's Speculative Fiction blog: click here.

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